358 Days Later…

So, it turns out blogging and working full-time isn't easy to do.  Throw in planning a wedding and a few more major life events, and you get no blogging.  Which is what I've done for nearly the last year.  My last post was November 7, 2013 so I'm one week from going an entire year.  I thought … Continue reading

Back to work.

After just over five months of freedom and unemployment, I am officially OFF the job market.  And surprisingly excited about it...to have a schedule again, somewhere to be, to EARN MONEY, and to (hopefully) be acknowledged for a job well done..."good job on dinner" loses its luster after a while. … Continue reading

My quick trip to Crazytown.

Last night I laughed harder than I can remember.  I knew there would be a point after moving 3,000 miles cross-country where I would hit a proverbial wall and as I laid in bed after midnight last night laughing hysterically, tears running down my face I thought "this must be it". I've felt the … Continue reading