358 Days Later…

So, it turns out blogging and working full-time isn’t easy to do.  Throw in planning a wedding and a few more major life events, and you get no blogging.  Which is what I’ve done for nearly the last year.  My last post was November 7, 2013 so I’m one week from going an entire year.  I thought I’d break myself in by doing a year-in-review by season.  We’ll pick up with the rest of fall and winter 2013.

To end October, we watched the Red Sox win the World Series and I enjoyed my first championship parade.  As you can imagine, thousands of people showed up to celebrate.

IMG_4452_fotorIMG_4469_fotor IMG_4454_fotor

The Holidays were quiet around Wakefield.  We spent our first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts and kept it mellow with just Jason’s family.  We flew to Utah to spend Christmas with my family in Park CIty.



As you recall from my Just my Luck post, a harsh winter was predicted.  And this is what we got.  I enjoyed the first few months of winter, but as March rolled around, I was reaching my cabin fever threshold.

IMG_4653 IMG_4663IMG_5169

In February, my dear grandmother, Abbie Whitney, passed unexpectedly.  Fortunately I was able to fly out and attend the funeral.  It turned out a celebratory event with close family and friends.  I even got a round of golf in with my dad in Salt Lake.

We laid Nanny next to her husband, Dick.
We laid Nanny next to her husband, Dick.

IMG_5174 IMG_5197IMG_5205

As I have mentioned, my mom and her boyfriend, Bill had embarked on a winter sailing adventure in Baja, Mexico.  It just so happened they were in an area we could not reach them when we heard the news from my mother.  I was able to get the US Coast Guard involved who worked with the Mexican Navy.  My mom and Bill came in to port a bit earlier than planned greeted by the Mexican Navy who informed them we had been looking for them.  They came in just in time for my mom to catch the last flight out of the port and get to Utah in time for her mother’s funeral.


We’ve started a tradition of renting a home in the winter…generally for Jason’s birthday in January.  This year, we stayed in North Conway, NH and celebrated a few February birthdays and enjoyed some skiing…my first time on the east coast slopes.  I also chose to ski instead of snowboard for the first time in almost 20 years…needless to say, it kicked my ass.

IMG_5252 IMG_5263

In March, we celebrated Josie’s 89th birthday.  She immediately began stating she was “almost 90” front that day forward.


Back to work.

After just over five months of freedom and unemployment, I am officially OFF the job market.  And surprisingly excited about it…to have a schedule again, somewhere to be, to EARN MONEY, and to (hopefully) be acknowledged for a job well done…”good job on dinner” loses its luster after a while.  On the other hand, I am now remembering a million things I meant to do while I was “free” and have just a few days to do them.  This excitement will surely dissipate by the end of my first month and here are the things I will miss the most about being unemployed:

– Waking up at 10am (I debated about including this because, frankly, it’s embarrassing that I sleep until 10am most days at the age of 32 but, who cares)

– My morning routine: again, wake up at 10am, make coffee (obviously not necessary with a 10am wake up but still doin it), eat breakfast (cause I have time), peruse the internet for minimum of 1.5 hours.


– changing out of my pajamas only to change in to workout gear and then back in to my pajamas

– time to bake even though I don’t like baking


– walking/running everyday

– doing laundry whenever you want to do it

– making dinner (almost) every night


– doing WHATEVER I want WHENEVER I want

– watching 6 episodes of Family Feud every night with Josie

– Sunday fundays with NO worries!


– watching 5 episodes in a row of a series on Netflix

– spending my afternoons with Josie


– being able to stay up for my Chargers games until 3am (or any sports game on the east coast for that matter) because I don’t have to get up early the next day

– time to plan my wedding

– taking the T in to the city just for the hell of it (and seeing people like this)


best dressed award

– actually having time to do stuff on my to-do list

– listening to Josie complain about Steve Harvey on Family Feud

– having time to do girly things like blow drying, straightening, and/or curling my hair and painting my nails


– not constantly feeling like there’s someone I need to call back or an email I need to reply to

– never being rushed in the shower

– not having to ask for time off when family comes to visit


– just the feeling of getting up in the morning and not having to EVER worry about what time it is or where I have to be

– having time to read my Rolling Stone magazines cover-to-cover


– time to read, and not just before bed

– walking everywhere I go because I have the time (ok, so I also don’t have a car but still)




Weekend Words with Nana Josie.

Thursday, morning after the Red Sox won the World Series:

Me:  Jo- did you hear who won the World Series MVP?

Josie mockingly with a scowl and a look that says “you just ruined my day by bringing that up”: Ohr-teez [long pause] I don’t know why!? All he does is walk!

Ok, so maybe I’m an instigator but it’s just so amazing…

My quick trip to Crazytown.

Last night I laughed harder than I can remember.  I knew there would be a point after moving 3,000 miles cross-country where I would hit a proverbial wall and as I laid in bed after midnight last night laughing hysterically, tears running down my face I thought “this must be it”.

I’ve felt the wall getting closer and closer over the last couple weeks.  Decidedly caused by a few obvious factors: I haven’t worked in nearly six months, temperatures have dropped, summer is clearly over and fall is also coming to an end, I’m planning a wedding that I don’t know how to plan, and I’m in ninth place in my Fantasy Football league (ok, so that’s minor but you never know what will put you over the edge).  Situations that would normally only cause a slight sadness or irritation but add in the fact that you are on opposite coasts of most of your friends and family and it can be enough to cause a midnight hysteria-fest.

I don’t know how men handle these moments in life but I know most women can relate in taking these “moment-of-insanity” frustrations out on the people closest to them; family, best friends, coworkers.  For many of us though, our significant other becomes the punching bag.  Such is the case for Jason.  Sometimes I really don’t know why he puts up with me.  I’m generally a very reasonable, even-keeled person but lately I feel like I’ve joined the cast of the Real Housewives of Boston and forgotten how to think and act rationally.  I won’t bore you with the details because they are, in fact, quite boring but I will tell you how I ended up in my fit of laughter.

Last night Jason and I went to Salem because, being the witch trial city and all, it is a great place to visit in October and around Halloween.  As I have previously described, my irritation level has been rising over the last few weeks and just a few, small turn of events must have put me over the edge.  First off, the restaurant I had picked out was closed.  Then, my dinner at the place we ended up at was not good (minus the wine and french fries).  Third, we were too late for all of the ghost tours.  At this point, I was literally walking around like a four-year old who didn’t get ANYTHING on their Christmas list.  And to top it off, it was thirty-five-freaking degrees out which I couldn’t complain about because a) it was my idea to come and b) all Jason will say is “it’s gonna get even colder”.

We found a haunted house that was still open so we did that and it was lame so at this point I was like, forget it, let’s just go.  So we drive home and I’m happy in the car because I can have my seat warmer and heater on.  Then we get home and decide to just watch a movie in bed since it’s kinda cold in the house.  Jason says to pick whatever I want because he will probably just fall asleep.  I’m kind of relieved because it takes a minimum of 37 minutes for the two of us to agree on a movie.  But I’m also kind of annoyed because I wanted to watch something together.  Whatever.  Now’s my chance to finally watch “Before Midnight” with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

So I’m happily watching the movie and Jason is on his phone trying to work on his Fantasy team and I’m already annoyed because he’s doing that but then he has the nerve to ask me to turn down the volume.  It was on 11! And he wasn’t even sleeping yet.  So I huff loudly and turn it down.  Quick side note…none of my emotions or reactions thus far I would describe as reasonable or age-appropriate and I am highly ashamed of them.

So VERY brief synopsis of the movie (the third in a trilogy) because it plays a part in my fit (spoiler alert):  Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy play a couple in their early forty’s struggling with a twenty-year, passionate love affair that has fallen in to your “everyday”, unimpassioned marriage with two kids and constant petty arguments.  The last third of the movie is a very realistic argument that ends with the Delpy telling Hawke she doesn’t think she loves him anymore.  In the final scene, Hawke goes after Delpy and tries to cheer her up by pretending to not know her and making her laugh.  I’m relating to this because this is typically how Jason responds to arguments or attempts to cheer me up; he makes jokes.  And it’s such an emotional response because you are so upset and then you begin to laugh but you don’t want to but it’s sweet that they are trying and so on.  I’m not sure it’s the most functional way to resolve an issue but it can work.

So the movie ends and I turn the tv off and lay in bed thinking about it and feeling bad that I’ve been such an utter bitch to Jason and he’s, for God knows what reason, not told me to stop being a bitch and then I hear him snore.  And I kind of chuckle.  And then he does it again and again and I completely lose it.  People who know me know I don’t laugh hard often.  It’s something I actually really dislike about myself but it just isn’t very often that I really laugh, like belly laugh, can’t breath, tears in my eyes laugh.  But I couldn’t help it last night.  With all the emotions that had built up over the last few weeks, and this day in particular I lost it.  Also, it was one of those times where you laugh harder because you’re not supposed to be laughing.  Like in class or at a wedding or funeral or something and it just gets worse because you’re trying not to laugh.  It just got worse and worse until the entire bed was shaking and tears were running down my face from laughing so hard.  So much so that I woke up Jason and he thought I was crying because of the way I was laughing and he was so concerned for me  And that made me laugh even harder because he just reinforced like the whole concept of me unfairly being a bitch but him still so concerned that I was upset.  When I told him I was laughing he just grunted and went back to sleep and that made me laugh because he must have really thought at this point that I was seriously insane and like just shut the hell up I’m trying to sleep.  And so it went for at least ten minutes until I could get myself under control.

The only explanation I could think of for my uncontrollable laughter was that I had momentarily entered Crazytown and must have finally run in to that proverbial wall I felt creeping up on me for weeks.  It felt amazing and was a huge relief to let so much emotion escape.  And I have to say, laughing was way better than crying!  Things are looking up and I think I’ll be able to climb over my wall.  It sounds like I may have found a job and after quickly checking my Fantasy league, I’m actually in seventh, not ninth!


Weekend Words with Nana Josie.

Most of you know that Josie is a huge sports fan.  It’s truly amazing how much she knows about sports.  Like not just for an 89 year-old woman but for any person.  We were discussing the upcoming Red Sox game yesterday and she asked “who is pitching tonight”.  I obviously did not know but always have my phone nearby to tell me these things.  In the time I was able to pull up the information on my phone, she had rattled off every Red Sox starter

…”It’s not Lestah.  He pitched last night.  Maybe Lackey? Buckwaltz [it’s actually Bucholtz but close enough]? Maybe Peavy.”

Sure enough it was Lackey.

The other fun fact many of you know is that Josie strongly dislikes David Ortiz.  For those that don’t follow baseball, he is the Red Sox’ beloved designated hitter they refer to as Big Papi.  Ortiz has been with the Sox for over ten years and has earned himself recognitions such as being only one of 41 players to hit 400 career home runs, holding the Red Sox record for single season home runs with 54, he is the all time leader for hits by a DH and has hit five home runs in the post season thus far.  I only share this information to allow a better understanding of the humor in her dislike for him.  Papi hit his fifth home run during Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night; a one-run homer.  Jason and I tried to predict which of her favorite responses she would go with the next day when asked what she thought about his home run:

– Oh big deal!  That’s his job anyway!

– Well, It’s about time!

– Good! We pay him enough money anyway to hit home runs.

But, instead, she threw me a curveball and had this reaction.

Me: Josie, did you see Ortiz’ home run last night.

Josie: Yeah. [long pause] So what!  There wasn’t anyone on base was there?  And they were already up five nuthin so it’s not like it mattered.  Big deal.”

I won’t be trying to convince her otherwise and will, instead, continue to enjoy the commentary.